Child Rights

Child Rights Education is mandated by both the UDHR and the UNCRC.  Around the world young children are learning that they have rights, what they are, and how to use them appropriately.  Data indicates that when young people know about their rights, and the rights of others, that they are more rights-respecting.

Here you will find many different types of information, from curriculum and handouts, films, and other important materials.  We have also divided some of the child rights curriculum materials by age groups so you can find them by either preschool-primary school or secondary school-higher education age groups.

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Yvonne Vissing, PhD, is a professor, author, consultant, and researcher. She has over 25 years experience working with organizations and helping them to do a better job serving their clients, their workers, and the community.

Child Rights Curriculum and Handouts

Child Rights Films and Videos

Child Rights Materials by Age Group

Climate change and child rights

Other Child Rights Resources

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