Gender and HRE

The materials here focus on gender from a human rights perspective.

They were gathered from many different websites for your convenience. We ask that you do not charge anyone when you use them.  They were placed here so that you can use them to educate, discuss and develop a greater human rights interaction pattern between all of us, no matter who we are.

As a disclaimer, we did not create these documents and they should be used with your respectful approach and attitude.  Items include films, curriculum guides, handouts, and other materials.

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Yvonne Vissing Yvonne Vissing Author

Yvonne Vissing, PhD, is a professor, author, consultant, and researcher. She has over 25 years experience working with organizations and helping them to do a better job serving their clients, their workers, and the community.

Gender HRE Curriculum Materials

It’s All One Curriculum

It’s All One Curriculum offers content on almost any topic you might want to include in teaching young people about gender, sexual health, HIV, sexuality, relationships, communication, intimate-partner violence, puberty, reproduction, contraception, abortion, or advocating for their own rights. It is intentionally comprehensive, so that you can select the content and activities that meet your needs. It’s All One Curriculum is not simply comprehensive, however. It takes an integrated approach to these topics. Research shows that young people’s social context, individual factors, and health outcomes are profoundly interconnected. Hence, this resource helps you think about and teach about a range of related topics — as one curriculum. Importantly, It’s All One Curriculum also brings a critical thinking approach to the learning process — thereby strengthening education overall. Moreover, it helps countries respond to the Millennium Development Goals. In all these ways, it brings a fresh and practical approach to educating young people in a diverse and rapidly changing world. It’s All One Curriculum has seven key features, described on the opposite page. These features are based on the strategies and priorities established by a number of global health and education agencies, including the United Nations General Assembly,1 UNAIDS,2 the World Health Organization,3 UNESCO,4 and the World Association for Sexual Health.5 It’s All One Curriculum was developed by an international group of experts to ensure that its perspective is relevant for educating young people globall

Gender and HRE Films and Videos

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Other Gender and HRE Materials

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