Training the Sky Voyager Way

When we conduct trainings, we are setting course for making a dream come true – a dream about improving the lives of those we serve, a dream about helping our employees to become excellent professionals, or a dream about how we want our lives or businesses to evolve.  The sculpture of the Sun Voyager sits on the coast in Reykjavik, Iceland and was made by Jon Gunnar Arnason. He designed the Sun Voyager to be a dream boat and ode to hope, progress, freedom, and making the impossible possible. 

We will be sailing with you on a journey to improve the lives of those with whom you work. This is why we wanted to introduce you to the sculpture of the Sky Voyager as we embark upon our working together. 

The plaque beside the Sun Voyager reads:

We all have our fantasy boats
vessels that we dream of sailing
away in, into the dream. In my
ships I unite my fantasy,
precision and the knowledge that
boat builders have developed
throughout the ages.  The sun
ship gives us a promise of a
primeval land.


Jon Gunnar Arnason